Sunday, June 5, 2011

My First Expensive Punch

My first expensive punch - Martha Stewart Large Monarch Butterfly.

The packaging

Love the design of this punch so much. So far I have made 2 designs using this punch.

1. Yan's Crafty mini banner (click here to see the design)
2. Easel card - HC 194 (Click here to see the design)

Front & side view.

Back view.

Gotta buy more MS punches as I love these puncher.

Stay tuned for more card design. ^_^


Kristyn said...

Way to go......Eva.... Monarch butterfly is a classic collection...It's a great starter too. Happy punching and keep the creativity rolling!

Eva Ng said...

Thanks Kristyn. Will do more with Monarch butterfly... Love it so much.

Anis_Apis said...

hye dear,

May I know where can we get this puncher?


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