Friday, July 22, 2011

New punches & tools - Kreaxions

Hi everyone

Hope that everyone are doing great. Things are as usual for myself.

Kreaxions was another range of product where crafter can use it for paper crafts.

Previously, I have bought few items from Kreaxions.

1. Plastic template set
2. Circle cutter
3. Ribber machine
4. 4-in-1 punch (921)

This round, I get few more products from Kreaxions.

1. Glue pen (use for glitter), embossing mat & embossing pen...
I get these items during the Popular Book Fair clearance at VIVA.

2. 7 items of 4-in-1 punch (924, 919, 911, 922, 309, 311 & 310), message sticker & environmental bag.
I get these items from MBB Treats Fair at MidValley. Great deals.

Going to play with these tools soon. ^_^ So excited!

Stay tuned!!

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