Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yan's Crafty Banner for Flea Market Use

I made a mini banner for my blog name & handmade card tag. I did these past few weeks ago & now only have time to blog.

It is not easy for design my own handcrafted mini banner. When I think, the idea is not coming but when I have the embellishment around, my hand starts moving.

What actually I did is....

A. Divider

These divider divides the section of card category I have made so far. There are a lot section but I minimize the categories.

Nearer view was handmade roses using 100gm colour paper. Size was about 1cm x 1cm. Probably I should come out with the tutorial. Stay tune ya.. hehehe...

B. Handmade Card Mini Banner

This mini banner looks great right? Well, I did felt it great ok. Coz........ I handcrafted using the wires. Been twisting and bending around. Saw another type of paper flower? Purple paper flower....... also handcrafted by myself. Nice right? ^_^

C. Yan's Crafty Mini Banner

Yup, it is my blog banner. Use many embellishment in this handmade mini banner. Picture speak thousand of words.

These banner will be used in the upcoming flea market. Stay tune & visit Yan's Crafty in any participated event.

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