Friday, November 5, 2010

Vacation @ Singapore - 17th July 2010 (1st Day Trip - Part 2)

It started to rain too when I am on my way to Chinatown area...Where did I go on my first day trip? Pictures show thousands of word. ^_^

First stop - China Square Central. Then, walking around here & there.
Second stop - Chinatown Point.
Third stop - People's Park Centre.
Oh, did you saw another Hotel 81? Yeah.... we did pass by Hotel 81 - Chinatown.

Forth stop - Street of old architectural building. I love too see the nice & beautiful architectural building.

Then, we pass by Hong Lim Complex & Hong Lim Park. Then, along walking all the way up to Riverwalk, you will pass by a lot beads shop. I bought a big magnifying glass stand from one of the shop there. Hmmm... did I bought any beads? The answer - NO as I think it is almost the same price I can get in K.L. ^_^

Fifth stop - We stopped at The Riverwalk. Enjoying sitting there after walking around. Elgin Bridge is just right in front of us & took few photos.

Next walking destination? Well, if you ask me, I had no purpose of where to walk... Just walking around. Hehehe... Follow on my next post for my SG trip.

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