Friday, November 5, 2010

Vacation @ Singapore - 17th July 2010 (1st Day Trip - Part 3)

Live Life to the Fullest!

Yeah...! That is one of my life MOTTO!
Life is short, isn't? So, enjoy everything I can see, touch, feel & etc.

Where is my next stop? We went to Parliament House. We did went into the info. centre (beside the Parliament House) to know more about SG Parliament. Admission is FREE. Then right opposite of Parliament is Supreme Court. Then, surrounding was National Art Gallery, Singapore Cricket Club and Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall.

Thereafter, we walked to The Fullerton & Merlion Park.

Above view is from The Fullerton area. You can see the SkyPark, Marina Bay Sands & SG Flyer from far.

We reached One Fullerton & if you cross the road, you reached Merlion Park. You can snap lots of photo here.

After photo snapping, we walked back towards Boat Quay & Clarke Quay. Gosh.... So many food stalls... Yummy yummy!! We had our tea time at Central, Clarke Quay.

After makan-makan, we walk around in Central. Oh, right in front of Central, there is flea market... I saw nice handmade jewelries too...

Then, we took bus to Bugis. We did survey for MRT. However, I din get any chance to sit MRT as it is more expensive than bus fare.

Once we reached Bugis, we went to Bugis Junction & Bugis Street. Both place are just opposite each other.

Bugis Street has a lot of stuffs to buy. There is a lot of nice & affordable price clothing there. I bought my souvenirs from here too... & I missed my Avocado fresh drink... It is marvelous. Besides that, I did bought the Hakka "Lud-chi" (I dunno it to write in pinyin). Nice!

Note: There is a Tourist Information Centre just right beside Bugis street. You can obtained SG map here.

After walking around, we took bus back to our hotel. We walked quite far towards our hotel as we stopped at the wrong stop. Yet, we experienced how is the crowd along Aljunied area.

We took a rest once we reached hotel. I called my friend & we went out again to meet up at City Square Mall. Thanks to my friend for treating a nice Thai foods. It is so yummy & delicious.

After chit-chatting, we went back separately. Of course, waiting to take a cab is not easy at night there is many people waiting for cab. We walked around Little India at night time. Wow!! There were many people & I see they bought a lot of stuffs.... Hmm..... what my friend told me earlier before going to Little India is TRUE. (Some little secret between my family & my friend now about this). ^_^

We reached hotel at about 11 sumthing. It is almost midnight. Hehe...

Interesting tour right? Walking around & tiring ourselves.

Stay tuned for my next post. 2nd day - was a bit of frustration but it turns out very fruitful. ^_^

Guess where I will be going? Heheh.... Stay tuned!

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