Friday, November 5, 2010

Vacation @ Singapore - 17th July 2010 (1st Day Trip - Part 1)

Once we arrived at Tanjong Pagar, we took cab service which was available right in front of the KTM Singapore station. The cab we took was a van instead. The van was quite comfy & the driver was very friendly. Uncle came along with his wife in the car.

Uncle was original from Penang but he came to Singapore at his early age. He shared his experience in Malaysia and Singapore. It is awesomely different. He also shows us where to get the bus & where to drop at as well as introducing the places we passed by since we first came to Singapore.

Okay, where do I booked the hotel? None of my friends & colleagues believe that I booked hotel at Geylang. (No need I explained much of this place.. Quite interesting at night time.. Hahaha!!)This is the cheapest rate I can get from the internet. Of course, dormitory type is much cheaper. However, my family preferred hotel services.

Hotel: Hotel 81 - Star
Location: Lor 18, Geylang

We arrived at the hotel at 9.30 a.m. The reception was very good as they allowed to checked in at 11 a.m. As such, we placed our luggage at their hotel & went for breakfast.

Geylang area: The surroundings.

The foods was so delicious & the most cheapest in town during my SG trip. (Okay, my friend told me that Geylang area have nice & cheapest foods)

Well, we get back to our hotel at 10:30 a.m. Guess what?? They allowed us to get our room earlier. Man!! This was great!! In addition, I made few local SG calls... & by end of the check out date, I need not to pay & they waived the calling charges!! Bravo!!

After resting in our room, we start our walking tours. The hotel I booked was very near to bus stop. It is so convenient & I really like SG's public transportation system.

So convenient. So informative.

Since I do not know where to stop for the places I wish to visit, I asked the passenger. They are so friendly and helpful to let me know where to stop. Phew!!

Follow on my next post on where I stopped on my first day trip.

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