Monday, May 2, 2011

Vacation @ Korea (31.03.2011) - Day 1_Part 1

Good morning Korea. My first day full of activity in Korea starts on 31 Mar 2011. Korea is an hour early than Malaysia time.

We packed our luggage and checked out today. Well, my 4D3N in Korea are shifting hotel every day. We need to pack & unpack our luggage. I went for budgeted ground package arrangement. It's worth for me but not sure for any other people. ^_^

We have our breakfast inside the hotel. The foods are delicious & they have different ambiance in the same restaurant.

Wall decoration, ambiance & foods.

After breakfast, we hopped into our bus for our day tour. Our day tour was fully utilize for the whole day. Started in the morning & ends in the night at about 9p.m.

Our tour guide, Mr. Mark from Sabah, Malaysia (whom married to Korea) informed our itinerary for the day. He just informed us on where we will be going on the first day. Meanwhile, the remaining itinerary was announced individually on the 2nd & 3rd day.

Tour guide, our bus for 2 days, environment in the early silent morning.

1. KimChi School & wearing Korean Traditional custome "Han-Bok"
Our first activity in Korea. We tried to make our very first KimChi. According to the staff, KimChi made by us will be given to the old folks (charity purpose). Even though I am not sure how true it is but I hope the old one can feel my sincerity & caring when they ate the KimChi I made. Hahaha....

Thereafter, we tried to wear the traditional custome "Han-Bok". Kinda weird when I wore it & I look very plump. Then, we bought some souvenirs from the shop.


2. 2002 FIFA World Cup Museum
Then, we went to FIFA World Cup Museum. It is a big stadium & the field was maintained properly.

FIFA World Cup Museum

After visiting the FIFA World Cup Museum, we hopped into bus to the next destination.

Banpo Bridge

Stay tuned for my next destination! ^_^

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