Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vacation @ Korea (30.03.2011: Noon to Night)

Hey everyone.

It is time for me to post my entries here. It's been awhile cos I was way tired after I came back from my trip, work, assignments, orders & etc.

Yup, I have been away to Seoul, Korea for 4D3N - a short trip. This is my 2nd overseas trip. I miss Korea so much right now. Nice weather, nice scenery, nice food.

I took Air Asia X to go to Korea. Safe drive & comfy place Air Asia provides to me. We reached Korea at 21:00.

Flying off with Air Asia X, arrival at Incheon Airport, My dinner - McD Bulgogi Burger set.

These dolls are made from flowers. They are for real & it is inside Incheon Airport.

After taking our dinner, the travel agent bring us to our hotel which located at Incheon. Our traveling group have 23 peoples from Malaysia. We reached our hotel at 23:20.

Hotel: Oceanside, Incheon.

Interior design of room for 3.

Facilities: They provided the skin care products for men & women. Big TV screen & computer with internet facilities.

Shower room with sauna & jacuzzi facilities.

After unloading our luggage into our room, we went out for a walk nearby hotel. Well, there is nothing for us to shop as it is late at night. Meanwhile, it is so cold at night too.

L: The mural design of the hotel. R: The ancient telephones and receptionist area.

Oceanside Hotel provide the countryside ambiance to their guests. I personally like this hotel very much & it is a good hotel to stay in Korea.

The silent night outside the hotel.

I sleep quite late at night on my first day of arrival in Korea & have to wake up early in the morning for our first day trip in Seoul.

Stay tuned!

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