Saturday, January 22, 2011

Announcement: Winners for Blog Give Away - CNY Card

Hi everyone

Thank you for participating in Yan's Crafty blog give away.
I have visited your post at your blog too. How lovely & nice of you to spend time to post about my blog give away. Thank you very much.

I guess you have been waiting for long time & excited who will be the lucky winner. Not to waste time.....The 5 lucky winners are...

1. ::Mamalyna::
2. Myra Jay
3. eB ezrin
4. Nur Ezzat
5. nEa FleriDa / nIL

Congratulations to the 5 lucky winners!
As for others, do not feel sad as I will be having the next round of blog giveaway. Do stay tuned! ^_^

Winners, please send me your full name, complete mailing address to my email address:

* Full mailing address is required in order to ensure mailing reach at your hand. ^_*

I hope you will like it once you received it. Do let me know once you received the card too.

- Yan's Crafty -


Nur Ezzat said... the lucky one..


n congrat to all the winners..

nanakimie said...

tahniah semua:)

Mrs. Asida said...


dalam hati :(

eB ezrin said...

wah.... TQ....
u mada my day :)

::Mamalyna:: said...

alhamdulillah... saya email details skang..

eb ezrin2 said...

n3 4 u TQ

Myra Jay said...

Sis.. Sori baru tengok pemenang.. masih ada rezeki MJ menang ke??
Nak send emel nieh.. :)
Sowi sesangat lambat..

Eva Ng said...

MJ - Just check my blog & email. Hehehe..It's okay. I will mail your gift tomorrow.


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