Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank you for your support @ Creative Bazaar

Dear beloved fans / fans-to-be / blog followers / etc etc etc.... & wherever you are.....

I would like to say THANK YOU!!
THANK YOU for the great support at Creative Bazaar for charity purpose. Your utmost kindness is highly appreciated.

These 2 days I really had a lot of fun.

1. My mom & brother supports! Especially my MOM.... Mom was always support me for any event when I need her help very very much. XOXO

My mom..Loves the bazaar.

2. The supports from all you ~ purchasing my lovely handmade products / visiting my booth to enjoy my piece of artworks or creations.

3. My supporters from Malaysia & even from other countries. Getting a lot of comments from local & overseas people. (No lies even though I go no written remarks from them)

4. UAE visitors - All of them enjoy my handmade crafted wedding cards & paper quilling gift card.

5. Australia visitors - A real craft maker spokes to me. She really enjoyed my craft work & wanted to buy some embellishment from me. Too bad that I do not supply them. Some of them bought the cards too.

6. Beading part?? Of coz they enjoyed too... The local & oversea peoples enjoyed on my beading too...

My mom.. She looks like M.D. right? Heheh...

There are new products I bring in at Creative Bazaar but I did not manage to blog on it. I did my paper quilling at the bazaar itself.

My new stuffs - bookmark / gift tag. Above right: Paper quilling.

This event is very meaningful. No matter how many you donated but you enjoy looking at people's artwork & it really helps you bring more inspiration. In addition, you bring back some goodies too... Y not? ^_^

Save the Earth, Live with Charity. Love Handmade, Support Handmade!

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