Thursday, July 22, 2010

Additional Story - Creative Bazaar

Hello everyone.

Just to blog another post for C+C ~ Creative Bazaar which held on 17th & 18th July 2010.
** In addition to my earlier blog, some fans visited my booth too. Thank you so much & I really appreciate it.

Above photo are my booth overview. Really thanks to my mom & my brother came to support me. ^_^

Then, these are the exclusive gifts when you made your donation.

Additional donation from myself:-
1. RM 10 - 1 Qualitas eco-bag + 3 tubes of Dutch Lady, Yes! drink.

2. RM 5 - A complimentary photo.

3. RM15 - 1 C+C eco-bag with TLC products.

Well, it doesn't matter how much you really donated but it depends how willing you wanted to donate. If everyone donated at least RM1/day for these 2 events day, I believe, it really helps the needs.

Below are an overview of the event. Hoho..!! Saw some artists too.. d(^_^)b

Last but not least, lots of handmade stuffs you can obtained. These are part of the handy craft makers products. It is real NICE to see them.... too lovely too!

That is all for my little story to share with all of you.

1. 21/07/2010 - I received call from someone (not to quote name). There will be another event of handy craft (20 traders) at Berjaya Times Square, K.L. on this coming weekend. So, remember to support handmade ya! Not really know about the details much. Just go there & have a look.. ^_^
2. As for me, I did not participate this event coz I am out of town for the whole week. Next week, I will post more on my trip.

Remember to stay tuned!

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