Saturday, May 19, 2012

Introducing new Yan's Crafty

Psst...psst... Have you heard or found that Eva merged 2 of her blogs into ONE?

Yup, that is true. She is merging her Beads Garden Fashion blog into Yan's Crafty blog.
 I will be in the midst of merging these 2 blogs & created new icons - in a page of Handmade Selections.

Yan's Crafty is carrying handmade items made by Eva Ng (that is ME..)
What Yan's Crafy produces is handmade beaded accessories, wired jewelries & paper crafts (cards, scrapbooking, etc).

The philosophy of Yan's Crafty does not change & remains the same.
Handmade accessories & wired jewelry: Style, Simple & Elegant
Handmade paper crafts: Care, Love & Passion

Since I have just graduated from AEU, it is time for me to become more active in handmade production & into bazaar.. To bazaar/flea market's organizer, please look for me & you can p.m me at Appreciate it & thanks.

Wired jewelry - Something which I wanted to do & I managed to do it. I learned from 2 very famous wired jewelry instructors - Mas & Emi. It is really great to learn the skills from both of them & they are really great instructor. And of course, I get more excited when I participated the free workshop organized by National Textile Museum (KL) during Nov & Dec 2011. Really give me a great exposure of wired jewelry. Thank you, Kak Mas.

I hereby annoucing that Yan's Crafty has wired jewelry selling on her blog. So, stay tuned with new products.

Thank you.

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