Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Craft Workshop at Textile Museum

Hey everyone

Have you heard any event happening in town? A big event.

There is a FREE craft workshop at Textile Museum near Dataran Merdeka / Dayabumi in this coming November & December 2011.
It is open to the public. Students and adults can sign up for the free craft workshop.

To find out where is Textile Museum located, click here.

Date& day of the craft workshop is as follows.

November 2011:
1st Nov 2011 (Tue)
2nd Nov 2011 (Wed)
3rd Nov 2011 (Thu)
8th Nov 2011 (Tue)
9th Nov 2011 (Wed)
10th Nov 2011 (Thu)
12th Nov 2011 (Sat)
13th Nov 2011 (Sun)
19th Nov 2011 (Sat)
20th Nov 2011 (Sun)

December 2011:
3rd December 2011 (Sat)
4th December 2011 (Sun)
17th December 2011 (Sat)
18th December 2011 (Sun)

Wondering I am participating in this event? Yes & I am conducting beading class.

Stay tuned!

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