Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scrapbooking - My Holiday

This is my first time doing scrapbooking - using photo, embellishment, ribbons, paper flowers, etc. The last I did was digital scrapbooking which is in A4 size.

A look at my first scrapbooking are as below.

Front cover.

I used half of A4 size paper. Uses circle binder to hold all pages & bind with eyelet.

Material used are as follows.
Cover page: Hard cardstock, recycled paper flower wrapper & embellishment.
Cover sheet: Tracing paper (to protect each layout)
Scrap page: Card stock

Nearer view of the flower. Bought this at one of the handicraft store near my house area.

Some paper sticker bought from DIY shop.

The inner page.

What's inside my scrapbook?

Awww... some old pictures.. Hehehe... These pictures took at KL Bird Park in year 2010. I used paper punches too.

2 of my scrapbook page. Nice right? ^_^

Stay tuned.

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