Sunday, March 6, 2011

Keeping Quilling Papers

Quilling uses many papers. There are times that you need a lot of these strips to quill a flower / etc.

Some of my friends has been asking how I get these quilling paper and storing them.

Here are some info for your reference.

How I get these paper?
I purchase A4 colour papers at some ordinary bookstore or stationery shop.

How to get these strips of colour paper?
You can shred it using shredding machine or cutting the papers using a pen knife.

How I store these quilling paper?
I store it using the plastic ice cream. Bundle it & keep it in the storage box. As for those paper that I shaped out, I use a plastic container to store - the snowman bottle. Well, you can store it using any other container. ^_^

Ta da... below photo shows how actually I store my quilling paper.

Stay tuned!

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