Sunday, February 13, 2011

Various Quilling

Paper quilling....

I think I have been addicted into quilling these days.
Loves to see how each paper quilled into nice & lovely miniature.

Lately, I seldom post in both of my blogs as I was into quilling miniatures & thinking how to turn something edible to miniature made of papers.

A sneak peak of my mini land of chocolates & flowers...

Mini chocolate:
a) Green + Black: Chocomint (Mint with dark chocolate)
b) Black: Dark chocolate
c) Brown: Milk chocolate
d) Pink: Strawberry chocolate
e) Light yellow: Yogurt chocolate / White chocolate
f) Chocolate with gold wrapper

Mini flower:
a) Yellow daisy (located at middle - left)

Mini flower:
a) Roses (paper punch "love" & "leaf" shape)

Mini flower:
a) Roses (circular & scallop cut from round shape)

Love it? Stay tuned!!

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