Friday, January 14, 2011

HC 132

Yan's Crafty proudly presents new type of card design - Tea Bag Folding.

It is quite interesting to fold these papers with its technique. It is simple too.

What is tea bag folding?

Tea bag folding refers to folding of tea bag wrappers.

Tea bag folding may have originated in Holland by a lady named Tiny van der Plaas. She needed a birthday card for her sister but didn’t have any decorative paper. She fiddled with tea bag wrappers and was inspired to use them in her card. To this day, tea bag folding continues to be a popular method for making cards and decorations.

Tea bag folding is also called miniature kaleidoscope origami. It is similar to the modular origami used to make stars, rings and wreaths. In both cases, paper is folded into units and many units join to form the final model. The major difference is that tea bag folding requires glue; the units do not interlock with one another.

Interesting right? There are many ways to fold the tea bag too. Meanwhile, in my card design, I did not use the tea bag but origami papers. You can also use the mini papers where we used to fold mini paper cranes (available from Living Cabin).

HC 132 (inclusive of white envelope)
Card Size: 21 (H) x 14.8 (W) cm
Card Title: -
Card Type: Blank message
Card Price: RM 8.00

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