Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Giveaway

2008 - Started my own small mini blogshop - Beads Garden Fashion (handmade accessories). Then, came up with handmade cards under the same roof. Enrolled for my degree study.
2010 - Created Yan's Crafty. Another mini blogshop about my handmade arts & crafts. Lot of ups & downs for myself.
2011 - Keep on maintaining these 2 blogs & get more inspirations. Lots more!

Its been years that I have been blogging about my handmade arts & crafts, tips, bazaar / flea market & personal journey. I hope that everyone who visited my blog enjoyed the creations & personal notes of myself.

As a token of appreciation, this month I will have a giveaway item. Yeah, you did not read / see wrongly. A first time blog giveaway. ^_^

Still remember my last post on "HC - 155"? Yup, this month giveaway is Chinese New Year cards. I have 5 cards to giveaway. Each selected person will get 1 card.

How to participate?
1. Anyone can participate.
2. Be a fan of "Yan's Crafty" page and/or follower of Yan's Crafty blog.
3. Then, leave your comment in this giveaway entry with your email address & blog url if you have.
4. Do blog about the giveaway entry if you have blog. You will stand a chance to get it.
5. Closing date = 21 January 2011; 11:59 p.m.
6. Lucky person will be announced through Yan's Crafty blog after the closing date.

All the best to you & thank you for your support!

- xoxo -


::Mamalyna:: said...

hi yan, saya join...
id follower: MamaLyna
url blog:

tq so much:D

Myra Jay said...

MJ join jugak ye..

ID : Myra Jay

Link :

Izzatul Iman said...

hi yan, saya join ye...

id follower: Izzatul Iman

email: syazariya(at)hotmail(dot)com

url blog:

thanks k...

(at) = @, (dot)=.
(saya buat gini utk elak spam emails)

Jieda said...

saya join ye

id: jieda

Cute MuM said...

Cute Mum dah join..

ID : Cute Mum

Nana said...


Ibu Ayra said...


ros join GA nih...


imanmom said...

salam kenal,saya join ya


eB ezrin said...

nak join gaks

eB ezrin said...

id: eb ezrin
fb: E.B. ezrin

Miza Yusof said...

salam. miza join,

idfollower: miza yusof

Mama Zharfan said...


count me in!
follower id : mama zharfan

email :

link :

Nia said...

Dear, i'm joining ur Giveaway
Follower id: Nia

nanakimie said...


Mama AminAzim said...

me join

ID : mama AminAzim

Nur Ezzat said...

salam.. ezzat join!

id follower : nurezzat ezzattie
id facebook : ezzattie nasir

thanks.. hope im the lucky one!! =)

nEa FleriDa / nIL said...


saya join..

id follower ; neaflerida/nil
id facebook: nea flerida

tiefazatie said...
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tiefazatie said...

hye sis..ifa join yaa

id follower: tiefazatie


link n3:


Huda said...

me join :)



umiliza989 said...

salam perkenalan....
umilliza989 join nie..

id follower: umiliza989


cikpuanhady said...

Salam..saya join..entri autopublish jam 10.21 pagi pada 20hb nanti..

id : cikpuanhady

link tak valid gitau ek..thanks

Jom skodeng :Pendapatan Sampingan Berblog dengan

Jom join :Ada 2 contest yang boleh disertai

♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ said...

Salam Yan..atie dah join gak..jemput ziarah yer...

Farhana said...

saya dah join

ShAfiEYkA said...

salam perkenalan! saya join ;)


Mrs. Asida said...

Asid join ye


Jom.. join GA Asid.. :)

nadratul said...


aznain said...



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