Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HC 122

Another card design made by Yan's Crafty.

Buying stamps is quite expensive as you might need different acrylic block to mount them on. There is another type of stamp which is available in the arts & crafty world, i.e. digi-stamps. It means, digital stamps. It is very easy to use where you select your preferable stamp image & print it out from your printer.

Well, either you can buy from the existing arts & crafts supplier in a CD or just buy online from these digi-stamps' artist.

This round Yan's Crafty used free digital stamps from Sliekje digi Stamps. I like the way she drew all her digi-stamps & basically she loves cat. So, you will see she drew much of cats in her digi-stamps.

What I have used for this project was digi-stamps (courtesy of Sliekje digi Stamps), Sakura pen, laces, border puncher, pearl sticker, ribbon & the most basic supplies - PAPERS.....

I made the silver rose using silver ribbon & lace curtain type using basic lace only. You will need to stitch the rose & glue to make the lace curtain.

The outcome of the card as below.

It looks nice right? ^_^

HC 122 (inclusive of white envelope)
Card Size: 14.8 (H) x 10.5 (W) cm
Card Title: -
Card Type: Blank message
Card Price: RM 10.00

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