Sunday, July 11, 2010

Card Embossing & Stamping

Hello everyone.

Welcome to Yan's Crafty blogshop. I hope you are enjoy viewing all my handmade cards.

Planned to blog but something stopped me to blog for awhile. Hehehe... I was way busy with the next coming bazaar.... Well, have to top up my stock for 2 days. Besides that, I was busy with my work & study as well. New semester starts too... Well, having few funny classmate. Hahah!!

Back to my crafty side.

I have been searching embosser for quite some times. I found it quite interesting when I viewed some blogger (I forget which blogger site I've visited so far) wrote something on embossing.

What does embossing means?
- creating a raised image in one of two ways.

Ways to do embossing?
- Heat embossing involves stamping a design using embossing ink, then sprinkling powder on top and using a heat gun to melt the powder.
- Dry embossing involves placing your card on a stencil, then applying pressure with an embossing tool.

At last I found these 3 embossers at one of the stationery shop in KL. ^_^

Card embosser

Of course, only up to 160gm paper is allow for this type of embosser. The results of the embossing, my palm is pain as you will need to apply pressure.

First photo: Maple leaves / Second photo: Butterfly

I am yet to come out any design for the card embossing.

Next, stamping. I used to see all crafts lover having the acrylic block. (Playing arts & crafts stuffs not cheap la.... It is expensive.)

I wish to buy it but for me to get to One U is very far by taking public transportation. So, here I would like to share how actually I did on stamping with a way of cheaper costs.

If you have wood block / polystyrene, it will be added value in your art project. Previously, I did not use any of the "block" for stamping. This idea came when I was using the foam stamping. Meanwhile, I have large polystyrene in my house. In my mind, "Hey, why not I use the polystyrene as the block?".

First photo: Stick the 3M Scotch tape against the plastic sheet. / Second photo: Stamp on the polystyrene foam.

Most of the stamps are stick to a plastic sheet. Just cut / use it as it is. You will need to have enough of space on the plastic sheet in order for you to stick it to the polystyrene foam. I used the 3-M Scotch tape to stick it onto the polystyrene. (Thereafter, you can reuse it. So much fun to do with!)


There you go!! Neatly stamped. ^_^

It is cheap right? A small acrylic block is costly for those have limited budget.

Stay tuned!

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